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Who We Are

CyCloud Technology is a global company that helps businesses and

Organizations migrate their data from on-premises to the cloud

environment.  We leverage on the best technologies that provide a  

complete suite of cloud solutions for your business during the transition.

We turn your challenges into lasting business value, operational efficiency, and revenue growth using these advanced technologies.

Analyzing Data

What We Value

Customer-first - We try to understand the why before we try to find the way. We listen, collaborate, and attempt to resolve any issues that our clients may have, and strive to WOW them with our technical expertise and compassionate approach.


Integrity - We respect and value differences. We’re kind and professional to all, but don’t hesitate to challenge opinions and ideas. Above all, we’re honest with ourselves, our team, and our customers.


Walk the talk - We deliver what we promise to our peers and to the market – creating solutions that simply work; that is easy, robust, and valuable.


Innovation - A radically different product requires a radically different mindset. So, we constantly challenge the status quo and our own assumptions to find new horizons and disrupt the competition.


Teamwork - We strive to be helpful, respectful, and candid with all of our teammates. We focus on finding solutions that support not only our individual work, but for the team around us.

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